Knoxville News Sentinel: “Traversing Urban Wilderness…”

Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess / KNS

8/8/12: The Knoxville News Sentinel talked to AMBC members Brian Hann and Matthew Kellogg about the continuing development of trails in South Knoxville.

Starting Tuesday, the South Knoxville loop will bring the city’s urban wilderness trail up to 35 miles and link parks and natural areas with paths built with local sweat. A hiker or cyclist now will be able to travel from Ijams Nature Center to William Hastie Natural Area, over to Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area, and back to Ijams.

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One Response to “Knoxville News Sentinel: “Traversing Urban Wilderness…””

  1. Nurse Ben says:

    I’m originally from the West Coast where public lands are plentiful, so when I moved to the Knoxville area I was suprised at the lack of trails available to riders, runners, and hikers. My first job in Knoxville was as an urban planner, and my first plan was the East County Sector Plan. We met for months, working with the community to “rough out” a vision for the future. One of the areas we focused on was the development of greenways. Everyone liked the idea until it came down to allowing access across private lands, then it was all about “not on my land”. In the ten years since I worked as an urban planner, the people of Knoxville/Knox County have matured, as a result we now have a real downtown and real urban wilderness. It won’t be long before Knoxville is a lifestyle destination like Chattanooga. Good job!

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