AMBC 2013 Fall Festival

It’s almost here! Join us for the 2013 AMBC Fall Festival on November 2nd at 654 Helix Lane.

Volunteers needed

Interested in helping us out with a short volunteer shift at the Fall Festival? Shoot us an email!

Spread the word

Click the image below to download a pdf of the poster and help us spread the word!



  • Guided “Dirty 30” ride for adventurers · 1:00
  • Guided Rides for all levels · 1:30
  • Guided Kids’ Ride · 1:45
  • Midday Snacks Provided by Savory & Sweet food truck
  • Short Track Race by Dirty Bird Events· 4:30
  • Food provided by Food Sales East · 6:00
  • Live music · 7 :00
  • Silent Auction all day/Raffle Drawing · 8:00
  • Late night dancing

5 Responses to “AMBC 2013 Fall Festival”

  1. Karen Wilkinson says:

    I can volunteer at the Fall Festival.

  2. Mike Karnes says:

    I’m in to volunteer. Let me know what you need.

  3. Karen Fletcher says:

    I may work on Sat but will be home in the afternoon. I can help some if need be, but I can also provide a few spaces for parking at our house and at Mother’s house. Let me know. Karen

  4. Grendel says:

    Can help Fri & Sat!!

  5. allen Monsarra says:

    I will be glad to help out on Sat. I have a pickup truck if that is useful.

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